Cheap Sublimation Printer

Have you ever wondered why the cheap sublimation printers do not work? Why don’t you get the prints you want? Why are you tired of printing on cheap sublimation paper?

Well, it is not you. It’s a cheap sublimation printer.

I have been looking for an affordable sublimation printer for years. It turns out that most cheap sublimation printers are not made to last and are very unreliable.

So I have spent months and months researching, reading, testing, and trying different cheap sublimation.

Cheap Sublimation Printer

What Makes a Good Sublimation Printer?

There are a few key factors that make a good sublimation printer:

  • The printer must be easy to use, with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface.
  • The printer must be able to handle high volumes of prints quickly and easily.
  • The printer should be able to print in both black and white and color.
  • The printer must be able to print on both regular paper and special media. The printer must be able to handle a variety of print sizes.
  • The printer should be able to produce quality prints at an affordable price.

Best Cheap Sublimation Printers 2022 Reviews

Go down through our list of budget-friendly sublimation printers;

Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840 Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840


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Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Epson EcoTank ET-2720


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Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820 Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7820


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DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS 6 DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS 6


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TUSY Heat Press Sublimation Printer TUSY Heat Press Sublimation Printer
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Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score

If you are in the market for a new printer, you have probably heard of Epson’s line of wide-format printers. Epson’s WorkForce line is arguably one of the best when it comes to performance at a low price.

11×17 Feature

The 11×17 feature is essential to me, so I include this in my list. There are not many printers that offer this large print size, but this Epson is the one that I want. It is affordable, reliable, and has a ton of features.

Paper Sizes

It offers a wide range of paper sizes and can handle over 500 sheets at a time, making it great for printing multiple copies of large documents.

It can also take both sides of the paper, which means you can have the same image on both sides of the paper, saving you money.

Quick Printing

I have used this printer for a while now, and it’s always been reliable. I have never had any issues with it. It works well with various media, including envelopes, labels, and card stock.

It prints quickly and has many features that are convenient for everyday use.


The touchscreen interface is easy to navigate, and it is responsive when you touch the screen.

You can easily change paper size, font, and paper orientation settings. You can even access all the printer’s settings from the front of the printer.

Easy To Use

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840 Wireless All-in-One Wide-Format Printer is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable and easy-to-use printer. It’s an excellent value for the price and offers many valuable features.

  1. It prints fast and accurately.
  2. Easy to use and has a great display.
  3. It can print on all types of media.
  4. A multi-function device.
  1. It does not come with ink cartridges.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Editor Choice
9.7/10 Our Score

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer is one of the best printers I have ever owned. It offers outstanding print quality and is easy to use.

Print Quality

The print quality is excellent, and I’m impressed by how sharp and crisp the photos are.

While most printers come with only one or two ink cartridges, this printer has seven different ink cartridges that can be replaced.

This is an excellent thing because it saves you money in the long run.

Safe To Use Ink

The ink is safe to use, and the manufacturer claims that it can be used for a minimum of 200 pages.

This printer can be connected to a computer via Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet, and it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

You can use the scanner and copier to scan documents or copy images to a USB stick.

I love this feature, as it allows me to store important documents safely and share them easily.

The scanner can be used to scan documents into PDF format, but you can’t save the files directly onto a computer.


The printer comes with a 2-year warranty, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee backs it.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this printer. It’s the best all-in-one printer that I’ve ever owned. It offers excellent functionality and value for the price.


This is not a significant issue because the printer can store up to 400 pages, and you can print them later when you connect to a computer.

  1. Compact and portable.
  2. Large paper capacity.
  3. It has an automatic shut-off feature.
  4. Simple design.
  1. It is noisy.

Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840

Editor Choice
9.6/10 Our Score

Epson is known for its exceptional quality and precision, and the Workforce Pro is no exception.

While this model is marketed as a wide-format printer, it doesn’t print on paper sizes larger than 11.7” x 14.7”. It also lacks any duplexer, so you can only print on one side of the paper at a time.


In terms of speed, the printer is equipped with a dual-core processor, and the maximum resolution is 2400 x 1200 dpi. Also, the color range is impressive, with more than 16 million colors available.

Both Sides Printing

I also like the fact that the Workforce Pro can print on both sides of the paper, which is a feature that’s usually reserved for larger printers.

You can print documents from up to 150 pages, and it has a 250-sheet capacity, so you don’t have to worry about running out of paper.

Easy Setup

The setup was easy enough, and the only thing you had to do was download the software and set up your Wi-Fi network.

The auto-duplexing function was also a nice touch.

I was able to get the first page printed in just 5 seconds, and it did not take more than 30 seconds to finish printing the document.

Overall, the Workforce Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a fast and reliable printer for the office.

  1. It is an ideal printer for home and office use.
  2. Very fast and produces high-quality output.
  3. Easy to install and use.
  4. It prints in various sizes.
  5. Compatible with Windows 10.
  1. It doe does not come with a manual.
  2. A bit heavy

DNP Event Photo Printer DS-RX1HS 6

Amazon Choice
9.2/10 Our Score

If you are looking for a simple, fast way to create a high-quality print of your event photos, the DNP DS-RX1HS is perfect for you.

Sharp Printing

I am a professional photographer who runs a booth at various events, and I have used different printers for cheap sublimation printing .

Still, none of them could produce such sharp, vibrant images. So I decided to try the DNP DS-RX1HS.


This inexpensive sublimation printer is so quick and efficient that I can’t even tell it’s printing photos. It’s almost like it magically conjures up the pictures from the digital files I send it, creating beautiful prints.

As soon as the printer finishes a print, I grab it, and it’s ready for the next print.

No fussing around with ink or toner cartridges!

This budget-friendly sublimation printer does not have any user interface, so you won’t be able to see the prints as they come out, and there is no display screen, so you will not be able to monitor how many prints are left. But that doesn’t matter because it prints so fast that you won’t even notice it.


You can print up to 290 4×6″ prints per hour, and it has a maximum resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi. I have never seen a printer that can print so many photos quickly.

Compact And Lightweight

In addition to being fast and easy to use, the DS-RX1HS is compact and lightweight, so it is great for taking it to events. It is the ideal photo printer for anyone looking to get the most out of their event photos.

  1. The printer is very easy to use, even for a newbie.
  2. It prints 2×6 photobooth prints quickly and easily.
  3. A built-in memory card slot.
  4. The paper is easy to remove.
  5. affordable.
  1. The manual is very confusing.

TUSY Heat Press Sublimation Printer

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score

TUSY has been around for a long time now.

Their products are mostly sold in China, but they have expanded their distribution to other countries, including the USA.

They have also released a few different models of sublimation heat transfer printers in recent years, and they are still a reliable option for anyone who wants to get into the sublimation printing business.


The TUSY Heat Press is one of the cheap printers for sublimation. It is very affordable, and it can produce high-quality prints with vibrant colors.


It has a very easy-to-use interface, and it comes with a large LCD display that shows the current temperature.

Adjustable Temperature

You can adjust the temperature range from 0 to 482 degrees, and you can set the time from 0 to 999 seconds. There are safety features built-in so that it doesn’t overheat, and you can turn off the power from 1400W to save energy.

User Manual

The TUSY Heat Press is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It has an intuitive user interface, and it comes with a manual that guides you through the process of setting up the machine.

I did not have any trouble using the TUSY Heat Press, and I was able to print several t-shirts with vivid colors.

The TUSY Heat Press is compatible with a variety of materials, including polyester, cotton, and silk.

Large Capacity

It has a large paper capacity of 300 grams, and it’s very affordable. If you want a high-quality sublimation heat transfer printer, then get the TUSY Heat Press.

  1. It has a digital LCD display
  2. Easy to operate and to control.
  3. It has a timer control
  4. It has a power control that allows you to adjust the amount of power.
  1. The temperature is not constant.


Things To Consider Before Buying The Cheap Sublimation Printer

Cheap Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printers are ink-jet printers that use heat to transfer a sublimation coating to a fabric or other material.

A heated roller then activates the coating to create a permanent print on the item. This section looks at some things to consider before buying the best cheap sublimation printer.

Height Of The PrinterWarrantyConstructionCompatibilityCapacity

When shopping for the cheapest printer for sublimation cheap sublimation printing, you will need to consider the height of the printer. The height of the printer will determine how tall the fabric or other material you are printing on needs to be.

If you are going to be printing on a bedsheet, you will want to choose a printer as tall as the bed. If you are going to be printing on a piece of cloth, you will want to select a printer as tall as the cloth.

If you are using a printer that’s a little bit shorter than the height of the fabric or other material, you will have to print on a table or other flat surfaces.

When buying the best sublimation printer, the warranty is another thing to consider. Most manufacturers will have a 1-year warranty on their printers.

If you see a problem with the printer within the first year of purchase, you’ll be able to get a replacement printer.

The printer’s construction is another thing to consider when buying the cheapest sublimation printer.

The printer’s construction will determine the amount of support that the printer will receive. The printer will have a limited life if made of flimsy materials.

You will also want to be sure that the printer is built well enough to handle the weight of the ink cartridges.

One of the most significant factors you will want to consider when buying the sublimation printer is compatibility.

When purchasing a printer, you will want to make sure that the printer works with the ink cartridges you already own.

You should also check to see if there are any additional compatible cartridges. The compatibility of the printer and the ink cartridges is essential, as the ink cartridges are the most expensive part of the printer.

The printer’s capacity is another thing to consider when buying the budget sublimation printer. You should make sure that the printer has enough ink cartridges for you to print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use photo paper in any printer?

Yes, photo paper is typically compatible with all printers.

Some printers may have a sheet feeder specifically for photo paper, while other printers may not have a sheet feeder at all and require you to manually feed the paper through the printer.

What is better for art prints, laser or ink printers?
It depends on the specific needs of the art print. Some people prefer laser printers because they are more accurate and produce sharper prints, while others prefer ink printers because they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
What is the best way to print T-shirts for commercial purposes?
Some printing methods are more expensive than others, but there are various affordable options available as well. Ultimately, the best way to print T-shirts for commercial purposes depends on the specific needs of the business.
What is the best way to choose high-quality sublimation ink?
Factors like ink quality, ink color, and application method can all affect the finished product. Ultimately, it is important to pick an ink that meets your specific needs and expectations.
How do you save sublimation ink from an inkjet printer?
The easiest way to save sublimation ink from an inkjet printer is to either pour the ink into a bottle or use an inkjet printer recycling kit.


The quality of the output is really what matters, and for that reason, we recommend going with a printer that produces good results.

If you want to know how to find a sublimation printer cheap, then check out our article on the best cheap sublimation printer. You can also check out our reviews of the top products enlisted above.

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