Best Solar Light Batteries

I am a huge fan of solar power and love reading about it. Have a few solar panels on my roof and a small solar water heater. I was excited to see that solar battery prices have become affordable. So, I decided to test the best solar light batteries and compare them side-by-side.

In this article, you will learn which solar light batteries are best and how to choose between them. You will also learn how to choose the correct solar battery for your application and how to keep them working efficiently.

Best Solar Light Batteries

Best Solar Light Batteries 2022 Reviews

Here is the list of top batteries for solar light available in the market;

12-Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries – Best For Multi-Purpose Use

12-Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries

This 12-pack of rechargeable batteries is an excellent choice for those interested in solar-powered battery charging.

This is the best option if you are looking for a set of rechargeable batteries that are ready to use immediately.

With the high capacity, these batteries can store a lot of power and keep your devices charged for a long time.

You can charge them via a solar charger or just plug them into a standard USB charger, and they are ready to go.

For extra safety, these batteries come with an intelligent chip that disables them when fully charged and prevents them from being accidentally recharged.

The batteries are also made with NiMH technology, which makes them safer and more efficient.


The only downside is that they only last for about 1200 cycles. But since they are rechargeable, you can always replace them when they run out.

So if you are looking for a set of batteries that you can rely on, this is the ideal choice.

  • They have a high capacity.
  • Pre-charged.
  • They have a long life cycle.
  • Light and easy to carry.
  • They do not have a good grip.

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Tenergy AA Rechargeable NiCD Battery – Best For Outdoor Lights

Tenergy AA Rechargeable NiCD Battery

This rechargeable battery is designed to work with solar lights. It has an average capacity of 1000mAh and is rated for use with a solar light up to 1.2 volts.

The battery is built to be used with solar lights, so it should work well in the sun.

It is made with a sealed cell and has a built-in protection circuit to prevent over-discharging.

The battery is made to be used outdoors, and it has an IPX4 rating.

This means it’s waterproof and dustproof. It will be able to withstand temperatures between -10°C to 45°C.

The battery is rechargeable, but it takes 4 hours for the battery to charge completely. The charging time depends on the solar light’s solar power level.

It will take three months for a fully charged battery to lose 50% of its power.

The charger is built into the battery itself, so there is no need to purchase one separately.

The battery can be used for up to 3 years before it needs to be replaced. However, this depends on the usage of the solar light and how frequently it is used.

The battery is available in the UK and is suitable for use with solar lights.

It is not recommended for use in countries with a higher voltage than the 1.2-volt rating.

  • It is safe and reliable
  • It has a long lifespan.
  • Affordable
  • It can be used in any kind of garden or yard.
  • A bit challenging to carry around.

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EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries – Best For Enough Use

EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries

This battery pack for solar lights is made from high-quality lithium-ion cells, so it’s very safe to use.

The rechargeable batteries are for outdoor use and can work in temperatures as low as -4℉ and 140℉.

This is ideal for solar lighting systems as the batteries will maintain their performance at extreme temperatures.

These batteries are designed with a protective pouch to prevent leaks and have anti-leakage technology to ensure that the batteries do not leak.

They come with a portable storage case, meaning you can take them with you wherever you go and store them safely.

The solar lights can use the batteries for around 3 years before they lose capacity.

The rechargeable batteries can be recharged via sunlight and fully charged in about 4 hours.

This is an excellent product for anyone who wants to get the most out of their solar lighting system.

You can use the batteries indoors too, but the light bulbs will not be as bright as outdoors.

  • It holds a high charge, so you do not have to worry about not having enough power.
  • The battery lasts a long time.
  • You can easily carry it in your bag or backpack.
  • Eco-friendly
  • The battery case is not sturdy.

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ASC Solar Light AA – Best Budget Batteries

ASC Solar Light AA

The ASC Solar Light AA Ni-MH 600mAh Rechargeable Batteries are great for people who want to use their solar lights at night.

They have a longer runtime than the standard AA batteries used in solar lights.

It is designed to last up to 24 months on average, which is significantly longer than most standard AA batteries.

The nickel-metal hydride cells are environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials.

They are also reliable and will not die out even if stored for a long time.

Each pack contains 12 batteries, so you will get plenty of power for your solar light. They are compatible with a wide variety of solar lights, including the ones from scholars.

They have a fast charge and can be fully charged within an hour, so you do not have to wait for them to discharge before using them entirely.

It is easy to find these batteries at the store or online, and they are cheap too.

So if you need a reliable battery for your solar light, you should consider buying them.

  • They stay charged well.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • Bright light
  • It provides up to 8 hours of lighting.
  • They are noisy when turned on.

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RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600mA Batteries – Best For Garden Lights

RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600mA Batteries

Reliable Battery Company makes a great range of rechargeable batteries.

These batteries are made of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), which means they can deliver a lot of power and contain toxic chemicals.

The Ni-Cd batteries are safe for solar garden lights and other small electrical devices, but the risk is higher for larger devices like lamps and radios.

Reliable Battery Company offers RELIGHTABLE AA NiCd 600mAh 1.2V Rechargeable Batteries to limit the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals.

These are made of high-quality, low-risk, non-toxic materials and are ideal for solar garden lights and other small electrical devices.

The batteries have a real capacity of 600mAh, which means they are capable of providing enough power to run a garden light for at least 2 hours.

The rechargeable battery comes with 1000 charge and discharge cycles, which means it can provide power for years.

These rechargeable batteries come with a 3-year warranty.

If you are using the solar garden lights during the first 3 years, you are covered for any issues with the solar garden lights.

These batteries are designed for use with solar garden lights, so they fit perfectly without any fuss.

They are easy to install as you connect the solar garden light to the battery.

Reliable Battery Company also offers a range of other batteries for different purposes, so you can find them here.

  • It is suitable for use with solar garden lights.
  • It can be used for rechargeable light.
  • Long lifespan
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Reliable and durable
  • They do not have an LED indicator 

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12-Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries – Top Pick

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score

I was impressed with these batteries! They work great and last a long time. I would recommend them to others. I bought 12 of these batteries, which are a good value for the money.

I bought them in an Energizer Powerpack, which has a 6-volt battery, and I put a 4-volt rechargeable AA battery in the battery pack to make it 6 volts. I did not think that this would work, but it does.

The only problem is that the battery is too small to use in a power pack like the Energizer Powerpack. It is just not big enough, and they do not stack up very well.

They are working as they are supposed to, and no issues have arisen. I will revisit if anything changes. They fit in many outdoor solar lights, game controllers, and anything else. They do not have to wait a day for them to charge because they are put in solar lights.


ASC Solar Light AA – Best Budget

Budget Pick Up
9.4/10 Our Score

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for solar light batteries, then Asc Solar Light AA batteries are a great option to consider.

These batteries are affordable and come in various sizes to fit your needs. I needed to replace solar light batteries for my solar lights. They hold a charge well and work well. My lights are on most of the night. 

When you need replacement batteries for your solar lights, consider purchasing Asc Solar Light AA batteries. These batteries are affordable and come in various sizes to fit your needs. They have a long life span and work well. They hold a charge well and work well. I used my lights in my garden to light up the plants.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Solar Light Batteries

Solar light is a handy tool for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and gardening.

With a portable solar light, you can use it almost anywhere, so it’s a valuable addition to your outdoor equipment. But, what’s the best solar light for you? Here are some things to consider when making your decision.


If you plan on using your solar light at least once a week, then you should look for a model that’s lightweight and easy to carry.

An excellent solar light will come with a bag or strap to keep it attached to your backpack or shoulder when you’re ready to head outdoors.


Solar lights are prone to breaking from time to time. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a durable one. Look for a model with tough and durable construction that’s built to last.

Energy Consumption

The energy consumption of a solar light can vary, so it is essential to read the specifications to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

For example, some lights are designed to operate for a full day, while others may only be able to provide a couple of hours of light.

Light Colour

The color of light is essential because it affects the amount of light you can see at a distance. Some lights are equipped with a bright white light, while others may have a more subdued white light. Some solar lights are equipped with a blue filter, which helps protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of batteries is best for solar lights?
The best type of battery for solar lights is rechargeable batteries. They are often called li-ion or lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a high energy density, which means they hold a lot of power and can run the lights for a long time without needing to be charged as often as other batteries.
What batteries do I use to replace solar lights?
The most common type of battery used in solar lights is a AA battery. It is the same kind of battery that you would use for a flashlight, or as a backup power supply. So if your solar light runs out of power, you can simply use another AA battery to recharge it. 
Can I use a regular battery for solar lights?
There are a few solar lights that use rechargeable batteries. However, most solar lights use normal batteries.
Does it matter what mAh batteries I use?
The mAh battery capacity you choose will depend on the specific device you’re using it in, as well as your own personal preferences. The batteries are generally rated by their total energy capacity and not the capacity of a single charge. 
Do solar garden lights need special batteries?
No, solar garden lights do not need special batteries. Solar garden lights use standard AA or AAA batteries. Most solar garden lights have a maximum run time of about 3-12 hours. Some solar garden lights can be charged while in use. 
How long does it take to charge solar light batteries?
It typically takes about 8 hours to fully charge a solar light battery.


This is an important thing to keep in mind when you are looking at different solar lights.

If you are planning to use this on your property, then you will want to consider whether you need a solar light that is battery-operated or solar-powered.

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